A Reflection of Gratitude

Leading up to my May 19th graduation from Saint Joseph's University, I was in the middle of a busy finals week and I needed to procrastinate studying. The result of my procrastination? This blog. Enjoy. Graduation is a mere 20 days away, and as the date slowly creeps up on me I’m becoming overwhelmed with … Continue reading A Reflection of Gratitude


“How was abroad?”

The best part about coming home from abroad is also the hardest part: reuniting with friends and family, professors and peers. “How was abroad?” They ask, sometimes because they care, sometimes because they feel obligated to, other times because they don’t know what else to say. “How was abroad?” It’s such a simple question. Three … Continue reading “How was abroad?”

Why Studying Abroad was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

I toured St. Joe’s for the first time when I was sixteen years old. Out of all the information our Hawk Host, a senior at the time, threw at us, I only remember her saying the one thing she regrets most about her college experience is not studying abroad. Despite my lack of international travel … Continue reading Why Studying Abroad was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made